Tips for Decluttering by Changing Lifestyle Solutions

Breaking Free From the Chaos and the Clutter!

Ten Warning Signs You May Have Too Much Stuff!!

  1. Have you ever looked inside a drawer, closet or cupboard and wondered, “what is this thing, I didn’t know I had this, or are certain someone else must have put it there”?
  2. Are you able to walk through every room without fear of falling?
  3. Can you sit on every piece of furniture without moving things off of it?
  4. Do you have piles of stuff over a foot high anywhere?  Are they dusty?
  5. Can you get all of your cupboards, drawers, and closets shut and open?
  6. Do you have anything that still has the tags on and are keeping it even if you don’t like it?
  7. Any “great bargains” that you have not ever used?
  8. Are you keeping anything out of guilt?
  9. Is there anything in your home that you are convinced someone else may use someday?
  10. Do you ever look at your house and wish you had the time and energy to get rid of some of the stuff?

Tips for Decluttering Order Chaos sign

  • Make a list of all of the areas you want to declutter
  • Set a goal work on one room or closet at a time
  • Keep a bag or box handy to put things in you want to get rid of
  • Do something nice for yourself when you finish an area!

Tips for Decluttering

  • Containers Anywhere save you time keep you organized and saves time cleaning!
  • Kitchen take what you realistically use. One of each tool you use. Extra appliances do you still need a toaster and toaster oven, food processor. Do you still entertain?  How many place settings do you use?  Cups and glasses? Food and spices, check dates.
  • Dining Room frequently room for one table, kitchen or dining.
  • Closets always need help, what do you really wear? If you haven’t worn it in two years, find a new home for it!
  • Bathrooms clean out things you don’t use, or are past expiration date
  • Linen Closet, how many towels do you need, sets of sheets?
  • Living room and bedrooms do you really use all of the furniture?
  • Office items and paper, throw away papers you do not need? Are your printer, computer laptop up to date, do you use them, could you use a laptop or table instead?
  • Holiday items can you consolidate choose your favorites?
  • Don’t forget the garage and basement

If you’d like help Decluttering, please contact us! See our Classes and Events page for a workshop near you!

Cathy Matrejek, Co-Owner


CRTS Certified