Allow Us to Pack, Move and Unpack Your Belongings and Furniture

CL Solutions knows that moving is more than getting from point A to point B.  Moving can be very stressful not only on the person moving but loved ones as well.  We are very sensitive to the emotional needs of everyone involved.  Our goal is to help you move not only your belongings but assist you in taking care of any moving issue you may have.  We offer a customizable variety of services to help with every step of the move.  We specialize in Senior Moving Service in the Twin Cities.  In addition, we are available for moves anywhere in the country.  CL Solutions is also environmentally sensitive and we reuse or recycle all moving boxes.  If your move is big or small, we can help!  Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your moving needs today.

Basic Services

  • Put together a moving schedule
  • Measure furniture & create a floor plan
  • Decide what to keep, donate or sell
  • Manage movers and other needed services
  • Pack your belongings with care
  • We bring all the packing materials!

Moving Day

  • Pack the things you used the night before: bed, bath, personal items and refrigerator/freezer
  • Supervise every part of the move, from start to finish

After the Move

  • Arrange the furniture
  • Unpack your belongings
  • Organize items the way you want
  • Hang pictures, mirrors and drapes
  • Make your bed
  • Remove packing materials

Ask about additional services available